Alastair Hunter Gray


Alastair Hunter Gray received a first class degree in Art & Design from Leeds University, specialising in sculpture. His interest in the physical properties of materials is a central theme that binds together work encompassing college photography and installation.  

His current work relies on the creative processes of others. He explores the possibilities in re-appropriating unwanted or discarded elements made in an art studio. Elements such as off-cuts from a guillotine, old screen-print material or masking tape found on the floor are given equal importance in forming new compositions. These materials are brought together in ways which imbue them with new purpose far removed from their makers’ original intention.

The collages are arraigned on slabs of polished birch ply and finally trapped under a layer of resin. This resulting work becomes an object as well as a surface (staying true to his sculptural routes) and the resin unifies the composition in a way that brings a sense of democracy to the disparate elements which create it.