Blott Kerr-Wilson


Kerr-Wilson’s fascination with shells began as a young girl, informed by her love of grottoes, follies and any secret place in a garden. Later, when studying for her degree at the Goldsmith Art College of London she kept her hobby to herself, while she studied the more acceptable medium of sculpture. SHE created her first total shell interior in her own London flat in response to a competition run by the prestigious publication World of Interiors, which she won.

Kerr-Wilson’s designs are informed by the mathematical nature of shells and their movement and color.  It was a commission in the Caribbean that initially freed HER from the traditional use of many different types of shell in one piece of work.  For the first time she began using two shells exclusively, the common mussel and the abalone. Bivalve shells, such as mussels, have a left and right half. By the careful setting of hundreds of these halves, the resulting compositions give an illusion of movement - shells sweeping in one direction and then reversing, as if tossed in the sea.


Blott Kerr-Wilson is the most innovative shell artist working today.”
(Ingrid Thomas, author of The Shell, Thames & Hudson)