Brita Granström


Brita Granström’s Nocturnal Swimmer exhibition is a series of new landscape and figurative paintings culminating in a moonlit lake one sultry summer night.

At times playful, Granström captures those intimate moments in everyday life so often missed or ignored and can paint the most mundane chores of life and by doing so take the chore away; a line of washing becomes beautiful.

Yet her handling of light and mood, nevertheless reveals a darker sensuality that touches on something below the surface, beyond the narrative nature of the images. 





Brita Granström was born in Sweden in 1969 and has lived in the UK since 1992.  She studied Fine Art in Sweden and her Nordic roots are evident in her paintings which are made on location both indoors and outdoors in all weathers.

Her work captures intimate, everyday moments; revealing domestic interiors and seascapes inspired by her home life and the landscapes of the Scottish borders.

'Sweden and the British Isles feature strongly in my paintings; environments that are always changing, never still. Painting on location both indoors and outdoors in all weathers produces images that, for me, encompass and celebrate themes of hope, humanity, life and mortality.'