Bruer Tidman


Born in Norfolk,  Bruer Tidman studied at the Royal College of Art from 1961 to 1966. During this period he assisted David Hockney amongst other pioneers of the pop-art movement. Working as an artist and exhibiting since then, he is widely collected with work in major Institutions and many important Private Collections around the world. His work has been exhibited alongside the likes of Edvard Munch, Salvador Dali, Albrecht Dürer and Rembrandt. Yet despite this international acclaim, and to Norfolk’s credit, he has remained working in his studio in Gt. Yarmouth.

Bruer Tidman is concerned with the human figure. This is expressed with an assurance that produces dramatic and transfixing work. In his paintings, he frequently explores the complexities of relationships. In those of artists and model, one of the characters is often defined while the other is more abstract. The figures are placed on either side of a room or on either side of a table. The relationship of these characters is ambiguous and poses endless questions.