Joe Hogan


Joe Hogan was initially attracted to basketmaking because he wanted to grow his own willow, the raw material for most of his baskets. His practice allows him the opportunity to live rurally and to be involved in the entire process, from growing the material to making the finished object. His home and landscape have had a profound influence on the style and diversity of his work, encouraging him to explore and develop new designs based on old traditions.

Hogan makes functional baskets and values the repetition and the fluency it develops. He has become increasingly interested in making non-functional or sculptural baskets, many of which involve the use of finds of bog wood from an area of wild isolated bogland near his home. Some of these baskets involve the use of twigs from birch, bog myrtle, catkins, lichens and other wild material. Hogan is prompted by a desire to develop a deeper connection to the natural world and reawaken a sense of wonder.

Hogan works from his studio in Connemara, Co. Galway. He teaches basketmaking skills and has written two books on the craft, “Basketmaking in Ireland” (2001) and “Bare Branches, Blue Black Sky” (2011).