Josephine Broekhuizen


Josephine Broekhuizen started her art career studying at the Rotterdamse Kunst Academie followed by two years at Grays School of Art in Aberdeen, where she got her degree. Since then she has been working in Lanarkshire and now Arran, exhibiting in Scotland and Holland.

She works with a wide range of subjects and media working on wood, paper and canvas, to create vibrant still life and landscape paintings.


my paintings are inspired by the flowers in my garden. Specifically a big border I have been establishing over three years. The flowers grow in banks one in front of another. In the height of summer they are a riot of colour and crazy directions. They all jostle for the light and space. The paintings I hope reflect something of that reconciled jostling of colour and dynamic shape. There are some elements within the painting that are not necessarily representational; these come from my imagination. They are there to add both core movement and aspects of the mysterious.