Susan Deakin


This artist has been practicing since she first graduated in 1976. Preferring the natural world to the man-made one, Susan tries to draw attention to its complexity and beauty through printmaking, drawing and painting, sound and book works. Although she exhibited widely for many years, this aspect of 'artistry' has become less absorbing in recent years. Instead, the cultivation of her own food has become a powerful stimulus and she regards her garden and allotment as both larder and studio.

"I have always been a visual artist, from practically the beginning of my life. Printmaking, painting, artist books, sound and drawing are tools with which I try to express the growing, natural world, in one form or another. Gardening connects me with fundamentals - through air we breathe and food we eat, we are made one with the whole scene around us. I try to reflect this in what I make."

DEAKIN'S work is in private and public collections, including the Victoria and Albert Museum, Dartington Hall Trust AND Oxford University